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Fixed price 559.000 EUR




Your employees are the most important resource your company has!


It's competition about the most competent and best-qualified employees. That's why more and more important to be an attractive employer with satisfied employees, so they choose to work in your company.


One of these instruments is obviously salary, but remedy that is becoming increasingly important is payment in kind. Many benefits are basically taxable for the employees, but there are exceptions, and one of the most interesting exceptions for employees is company property. For those employees free access to company property in Spain is a very interesting fringe benefit, which is also tax-free.

The Company Property Package at La Virreina includes your own brand new Opel Zafira 7 seat car (possible to upgrade) 4 annual membership to golf on a beautiful local golf course (1 year), 4 annual membership to Malaga football stadium (1 year) with seats which have a superb view. We also include a basic furniture package at EUR 5000. The service team will handle every detail from changing a bulb at the bathroom to handle the keys and wash the house for next guest. Our intention is to give you and you employee the best experience without any hassle. We will also give your company a program that handels internal bookings from your staff or other  rentals. The service packages will have a monthly price based on what services you company demand.    


Why would your employees appreciate a company property in Spain?

Many Scandinavians have already access to local cabins on the mountain through family and friends. Instead of cold snow and ski, many now want to swim, enjoy sunshine and warmth, and to experience a different culture, food, and drink.  That the food and drinks are much cheaper in Spain obviously means a great deal, but the experience itself and being able to sunbathe means plenty more. There are several daily departures from most of the Scandinavian City’s to Malaga. Prices are often below 1000-tag per person. From the airport, one can be in place in the Corporate Property in 20- 25 minutes.


Another important aspect is the economic. A similar holiday home in Spain will cost 1500 EUR to 2500 EUR per week to rent on the open market. Taking the basis of 2000 EUR and an employee uses the property three weeks a year, this costs 6000 EUR. If one has a marginal tax of 48%, this means that one must have a gross income of about 11000 EUR to earn enough to cover this. So without doubt this is a great fringe benefit for employees, and that`s why it is so popular.


Why is Company Property in Spain such a good investment?

Besides satisfied employees and that it makes your company an attractive workplace there are a number of other positive aspects if your company have a company property in Spain. It is entitled to deduct all the costs, both purchase and operation of a Company Property is fully deductible under the Tax Act.


Also travels one undertakes in connection with repairs or maintenance on company property, is deductible as an expense. It will therefore reduce the income tax, it is a sustainable investment with good returns, and one can reduce the inheritance tax in a family business. With the euro coming down and the market on the way up, it will quickly become a very good investment. When you give your employees access to sunny days at a leisurely pace in Spain, you invest in your own company's working capital. It is simply a smart investment.


Simple rules

If your Company Property should benefit from the tax-free, there are three conditions that must be met acording to the Norwegian Law.

1. The accommodation must be available for all employees and no one has the rights to dispose of it.

2. The welfare measure must be reasonable, and it is. Many major firms like banks, insurance companies, oil companies and similar exercises this option active and has both large and numerous company homes.

3. The company must have at least 10 employees.


Nordic Eco Developers helps you to find the right Company Property and operate the property. Company Property is arguably the best tax-free benefit you can offer your employees. But it is important to find the right property for your company, and here we will help our customers.


Nordic Eco Developers using Vogt Lawyers. Vogt provides legal assistance in connection with the purchase and sale of property, and also experience in tax, inheritance, emigration and immigration, corporate and more. With both Scandinavian and Spanish lawyers on staff, Vogt is the best partner to consider legal issues from both a Scandinavian and Spanish viewpoint.


On the Costa del Sol, one can use company property throughout the year, and the Marbella area is a very popular area. Here you will find sun and heat, swimming and other water activities, golf, tennis and much more. Between December and May, you can even ski at 3400 meters altitude in the Sierra Nevada in the morning and in the evening swim in the Mediterranean Sea. We offer apartments and houses close to the beach, golf, mountain, city, and airport.


Maintaining the company property

There is always some maintenance and inspection associated with owning company property. Depending on what you want, we set up a tailor-made apparatus that makes sure to supervise and maintain your property when you are not there. We can make sure that the accommodation is cleaned when employee’s arrives and that everything is ready for the next one who comes.


If the Company Property is vacant for a few weeks or periods we offer professional complete rental management /administration and arrange all tasks for you. That safeguard tenancy, make sure everything is cleaned and prepared, promote the property, rent it out for a good price and make sure that the revenues are coming in.


By combining Company Property for employees with rental business, your company in addition to having a very attractive fringe benefit for your employees get good rental income.

Cost example for a Company Property costing EUR 500.000 (Including all fees)

Mortgage 350.000 EUR (70%)


Yearly budget example for a Company Property.

Rental income

20.000 EUR           10 weeks high rental season

12.000 EUR           10 weeks low rental season

15.000 EUR           Yearly inflation 3 % 

47.000 EUR           Total yearly income/value increase


Yearly Costs

9125 EUR               Interest rates mortgage 2,5% (- 27% tax return)

2000 EUR               Community costs (pool, gardner, security and so on)  

2500 EUR               Electricity - Water - insurance            

  600 EUR               Internet, telephone, TV

  500 EUR               Tax non residences

  300 EUR               Tax Town Hall

  200 EUR               Gestor costs

  500 EUR               Advertising for rental

24.850 EUR            Yearly costs



47.000 EUR              Yearly income

24.850 EUR              Yearly costs

22.150 EUR              Yearly profit 

Rental Tax is not included

3/4 bedrooms

La Virreina Company Property.